A Day from Stefan Laurin’s life

Stefan Laurin

Stefan Laurin is a German Journalist, who works for “die Welt”. He lives in Bochum in Ruhr area. He also participates with other bloggers in writing in ruhrbarone. Stefan is interesting mainly in writing about politics, economy and the real-estate market in the area where he lives.

As a Journalist who works mainly from home, there is an obvious intersection between his personal and professional lives. He works for about 10 hours a day. The term working from home here, might be technically incorrect, since he has to follow the news wherever they are. He get to travel to interview people and report what’s going on on the ground.

Such intersection between Stefan’s personal life and work doesn’t really bother him. Although he is best defined as a professional blogger, he seems to like what he does as if it is his hobby as well. Especially that in a region like Ruhr area, where cities might sometimes tend to compete with each other instead of cooperation, and he finds himself forced to discuss and try to help solving the issues that happens everyday in his are.

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