Time … Cairo and Berlin

When we got into the group that was supposed to talk about “time”, It was thought things were going to be really funny. Specially that the three Egyptians participating in the summit were in that group, and naturally it was!
We were 4 Arabs from Lebanon and Egypt and 2 Germans.
First it was obvious to start with talking about how crazy Cairo’s traffic is-which was our first debate for why bad we as Arabs are when it comes to time-. But when Annina started to tell us that an average trip in Berlin takes 45 min- which is not very far from the average here in Cairo,  it was obvious now that traffic is not to be basically blamed! 😀
Funny thing is, though Chris and Annina didn’t agree a lot about their perspectives about time and how Germans deal with it, it was still clear that regardless the reason, Germans are punctuate! 😀
When we Arabs found out that traffic could not stand as a valid excuse, we tried blaming family and social obligations, plus the fact that it is more acceptable for Germans to live by themselves while we are tied. But it turned out that even though the four of us mentioned it- passionately- , none of us actually follows it even though all of those actually happen to come late! 😀 😀
So… as expected, it has nothing to do with how much you have to do or who you live with, the value of time seems to be a matter of “culture” and here in the Arab world, we tend to deal with time like it’s a dear friend who will always understand!

About Eman Hashim

Pediatric Ophthalmologist, blogger, and a Women's Rights activists. Passionate about raising awareness of Domestic Violence against Women
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